Thank you seems like such a small word when compared to the school and instructors who have become our heroes. When we began this journey, we didn't quite know what to expect but now that we have come through the fire, we are grateful for everyone who helped us along the way.

To our Instructors:

Steve Brownlee: Thank you for being an example of a life long learner who is always focused on fine tuning the NSS experience. Our learning and progress is always your number one goal; we hope that our future success can be your reward.
Meg Ducharme: Your positivity, ability to explain abstract concepts, and openness with your software development journey gave us the much needed confidence that we could do this!
Jared Fuller: Thank you for helping us improve Javascript and Angular skills - it was a pleasure to always hear you say "how about ..." with a possible solution - we were in good hands with you to troubleshoot!
Hannah Hall: C# was scary, yet you were calm and able to help us debug the strangest issues; we appreciate your patience and ability to guide us in the right direction to find the answers.
Greg Korte: Thank you for helping us navigate the strange waters of C# by listening to our goals with our code and helping us troubleshoot - you were always able to help us find the magical Stackoverflow that we had missed that solved our problem.

To the NSS Team:

Jessica Brawner, Jeremiah Vasquez, Laura Buchanan, Mandy Arola, Kristin McKinney, and Denise Fetz! You guys keep things moving smoothly and we appreciate all of your hard work!
We are grateful for John Wark and his vision for Nashville Software School. We wouldn't be here without you and we are grateful!

Finally, a huge thank you to Kristen Norris, John Dulaney, Greg Lawrence, and Garrett Ward for planning and creating this site -- all while learning our server side technology!